Versatile AND Inspiring? – Thank you Laura

To receive one blogging award seems most fortunate, to mis-quote Lady Bracknell. But to receive two seems flamboyance!
Yet it has happened!
The lovely Lazy Laura Maisey, who follows this diary of my travels and retirement, even though she is only 27, has nominated me as an Inspiring Blogger. Laura, you are too kind and I truly don’t deserve it! Laura is a blossoming writer and her blog, which often centres on food, is always worth reading. But I nominated her last time, so I want to flag up some different blogs that I have been looking at.
Firstly, according to the rules I am to tell Laura 7 things about myself. That will have to be in addition to last time too…ummm!
I get addicted to rather mindless computer games and have been know to spend several hours building virtual cities.
I used to sing solo when I was at school and starred as Yum Yum in the Mikado at the age of 17.
I had a sausage dog called Micky (a daschound) and a tabby cat called Puss, when I was a child.
I have lived in London all my life.
I studied drama at college, which people did not call university when I was training to be a teacher (that is two things!)
My best car ever was an MGF and I am very sad that we moved on.

Ok, now for some blogs which I’ve found inspirational. These are not necessarily one I follow but ones that I came across only recently and found a few posts both inspirational and interesting. See what you think…

Leadership Freak writes short inspirational pieces for leaders. As a head teacher, I frequently needed non educationalists to inspire me and make me a better leader. I especially liked his posts on being different and success.

Where’s my T and other stories is a wonderful blog on the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease. As one who inevitably faces old age (eventually!) I found this supportive blog offered both insight and humour.

12 resolutions for 2012 are an attempt to uplift and challenge this blogger. I love anything where people reflect on their own learning as this was something I was always getting the children to do at school. I love the post on unicycling. Fantastic!

Jenny Munro offers her reflections on life with some lovely photos. Thoughtful, insightful comments make this inspiring reading. Thank you Jenny for your work.

An adventure in education has a brilliant post on how to climb a rope. This is something I have never been able to do. But the video which inspired our blogger to succeed is brilliant. Schools should use this for children!

Claudia inspires me with her wisdom about ageing. I loved her piece on laughter and am sure it is a miracle cure for feeling too old!

Gwen shares her thought on retirement too. Like so many of us she finds the pace of life is key. Good luck Gwen and keep blogging!

Senile Denial is another of my retiree friends. Shelley and I are trying to think of a better generic name for us and are wondering is “Seasoned Adventurers” might have a better ring. Anyway this blog builds my confidence in old age. I loved the thoughts on down sizing and family life! So True!

Dad Knows is such a lovely portrait of how parenthood works. It is an honest celebration of daughters and I love to read it.

Who would think that NASA would have time to blog? But they do! Check out their photos for true inspiration of how beautiful our universe is!

There is also a blog from theBritish Museum which is inspiring because I somehow feel that I am witnessing history. That’s awesome!

Any blogs about children get my vote and the Honest Toddler has a wonderful post on car sleep that struck me after my grandson had fallen asleep in the car just 3 minutes away from home after a great day of tiring him out!

You know I love good photographs and the desert in bloom was inspirational as it opens your eyes to a magical carnival in nature.

Another beautiful reflection on nature’s beauty can be found in Umesh Patil’s blog. this self confessed inspiration makes excellent reading.

So, with Laura’s blog heading this list, here is my 15 inspirational bloggers. Now, Laura, don’t go hanging any more awards on me! I am just an ordinary woman who is coming to terms with their retirement and capturing some of the most exciting bits in a blog so that when that Alzheimer’s does come to get me I can hopefully look back on this as wonderful.

Thanks, Laura!


11 thoughts on “Versatile AND Inspiring? – Thank you Laura

  1. Thank you for mentioning my 12for2012 blog. Not sure if it’s just me, but sometimes I feel like maybe I’m blogging to myself, then I get a notice that someone reblogged a post, mentioned me in their blog or WordPress included a post on Freshly Pressed and suddenly I realize I’m not. Those are beautiful moments, because they also bring blogs like yours to my attention. Well done on your adventures. Keep ’em coming!

    • It’s so true. I began writing this JUST for me, but when I realised that others were enjoying it, I felt honoured and motivated to go on writing. I really did love your posts. Thank you.

  2. Thank you, Marion – you are so very kind! I’m always a bit surprised to know others are reading and, occasionally, enjoying what I have to say. I’ll give a proper post of thanks soon!

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  4. Wow.. Its really great to see..!!
    I’ve mentioned about this accolade as a note on this post. This award really motivated me to publish my good thoughts. Can you please mention my name there ?

    Wish you the nice time..

    Thanks Marion for this honor.

    • Good to have your comment Umesh. I have changed my post to include your name. I’m sorry I did not add it in the first place but I was not sure what it was!
      So now we have gotten to know each other a little better.

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