It must be the awards!
They have gone to my head.
Well, not really, but I have put in a massive spurt of energy to the moving house project and tomorrow we meet the first of several estate agents who will value the property.
We have gone from piles of boxes, mountains of washing and arguments about where we should put things and what we can throw out, to a tentative sensation of calm.
Most rooms look good, though I say so myself. I have used a whole tub of beeswax furniture polish, discovered Lakeland, a shop which excels in selling cleaning products alongside bakeware. Stainless steel gleams, porcelain sparkles and carpets have lost most of their stains. It is a sad fact that fashion currently dictates cream. Our walls are all neutral,splashes of colour provided by cushions. Carpets are equally cream and that has meant, with a young grandson in the house that we have had spills.
Not only children, but cats have taken their toll on our beautiful house. While we were traveling they have been ‘disturbed’ by changes to their routine. Add in poor old Mr’s bladder problems and we have corners of carpet that have need to be thoroughly disinfected and shampooed.
It has been gruelling but I have experienced a sense of pleasure in getting things ‘just so’! The house looks the way I have always wanted it to look.
It’s a bit like school really. A classroom looks so organised, calm and expectant when the children are not there. Teachers can achieve so much, in the way of marking and display. When the kids come to school the whole atmosphere changes.
So it is with our house. It looks calm and expectant but not like our house! It seems to be waiting for us to get back to living in it. It liked the noise and commotion of three generations, the odd spill and the happy chaos which we offer.
Our daughter and her son are still living with us, but she has been away for the past three days. That probably helped us crack on, but suddenly, as I wander round the house admiring the organisation, I get a small feeling of impending nerves. It has been such an honour to share so much of my grandson’s life, and to has my daughter with us. We both are disparate to get moving but also sorry this stage is coming to an end.
Kids!. Who would have them?





7 thoughts on “Transformation

  1. My thoughts are with you during your move. (Not one of my favorite things) Rachel & I are moving next year from one coast to the other so I can attend UCLA. Any tips on moving are greatly appreciated!

    • Thanks for your thoughts. Our house is now ‘under offer’ and we are thinking of renting for a year to get to know a new location. It is certainly exhausting trying to keep the house in pristine condition while people come to view!

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