Cold, grey and rain- Wednesday 7th December 2011

Rain! Rain! Grey and cold!

The Beach House in Port McQuarie is starkly furnished. There is no table lamp to soften the effect. All the blinds are down when we arrive. It feels unloved and bare. The cockroach killer in the cupboard does not add to the quality, but it keeps the rain off our heads and we are only here one more night.


I have the beginnings of a cold sore and in a brief respite to the rain we pop to the chemist 3 minutes away for a cure. We can’t help but begin to explore onto the beach on the other side of the road.

It reminds us of Cornish beaches being small and rocky with large surfing waves. You can walk from bay to bay along to Nobby’s lookout. This Nobby got around, he is frequently celebrated in many towns

We buy fish and chips. Taking them to eat in the apartment. Despite the awful rain and grey, John goes for a swim while I continue with my blog.

John come back with wet shorts, towel, shoes and sneezes a lot.

Rain, rain, rain. It’s cold in the apartment and there is no heating at all. We put the oven on, iron the towel to help dry it, hope his shoes will dry a bit before we pack them.

Order a taxi for 5 in the morning, alarm set for 4 bus will arrive at 5.50
Huddle under the bedclothes trying to keep warm.