Coff’s Harbour 2nd and 3rd December 2011

Coff’s Harbour is a sprawling town with large shopping centers. However, for ease of enjoying this town we hire a car, which opens the area up for exploration. Today was the day I learned to blog. I spent ages researching which blog site to use, then began the task of transcribing my handwritten diaries onto the blog. For readers I am sure it is frustrating to get so many posts in one day but I had lots to catch up on! (Sorry!)

Yet another fantastic beach lies down the road from our lovely apartment. On our first visit we bump into the National Australian Surfing competition. My son-in-law makes surfboards, this has given me an interest in this sport.

The rules, the atmosphere and the maneuvers are absorbing. We sit in the shade of a banner to watch Eli Stone win the men’s.
The botanical gardens are wonderful and we spend an afternoon in this great mix of formal and natural. There’s a boardwalk mangrove walk, and ponds with blue fish- well maybe it’s blue water but you judge!

We take the path alongside the creek and I am suddenly hopping because an ant has bitten my toe through my thongs (flip-flops) it hurts like crazy and I worry it might be a red backed spider. However, after half an hour I am walking well again!