A day on the beach – Thursday 26th January 2012

Taipa Sands Motel is set right at the beach – absolute beach front, we keep seeing on advertisement, and this really is! It’s too good to miss out on.
We stroll to the sea and walk the shoreline.


The sand is fine and has been littered with shells of all kinds. We swim in the sea and although it is a little cool when you first get wet, it is warm enough to stay in for quite a while.
Then we wash the sand from our feet and jump in the pool for a game of water volleyball.
Meanwhile we get all our washing done in the free laundry! This and the subsequent ironing is insignificant against the relaxation and fun we have.
We talk of our plans to sell the house back in London and move to the country. We discuss the huge project of clearing thirty years of collected rubbish which at the time, had seemed like souvenirs and are currently hiding in our attic.
We take stock of this stress free life and wonder how we can sustain it when we return to London, to families, to the ‘real’ world!
By evening we drive into Monganui to experience their ‘world famous’ fish and chips. Not bad, our verdict, but we preferred the Duke of Marlborough in Russell.