Brisbane the weekend 26/27th November 2011

Brisbane grows on me. It is easy to navigate on foot, has many parks, good shopping centers and an outstanding South Bank.



It’s the first place I have come across this lizard. He is about 50 cm when fully grown and always found close to water. He is not at all worried by people or birds. Brisbane has lots of lovely park spaces, many of which include water features. They have to cope with the hilly disposition but are wonderful for walking.
South Bank and Roads with bikes




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    From the South Bank you recognize the impressive engineering required, cantilevering the roads over the river’s edge and ensuring that bikes get their pathways in isolation from the traffic. I loved to see the bridges plunging into between the sky scrapers Ina beautiful swoop.

    The South Bank is worth taking some time over. The Art Gallery is free and splendid but I wished they had more examples of Aboriginal art: what they did have was excellent.


    There is also the most amazing street beach which was such a fun place simply to watch!


    With its fair share of elegant shops, plus the usual city facilities, I rate Brisbane as a good place to stay.