Traffic jams – Monday 9th April 2012

We enjoy a leisurely morning with our friends in Melbourne. All the time we have been traveling through Western Australia, we had borrowed their IPod. Rolling Stones and Led Zeplin, gave way to Damian Rice and Tracy Chapman as our mood oscillated. Now we have to give it back! We also pick up a large box of goodies which we had stored with them so we could get a cheaper flight with Tiger Airways. These wonderful people spend their time this morning making copies of The Hobbit audiobook, so we won’t be too bored over the next long drives!

It’s 320 km to Lakes Entrance. There is so much Easter traffic making its way back to Melbourne. For what feels like the first time in all our travels (highly subjective this statement) we witness traffic jams stretching back. But our journey is easy, The Hobbit helps us keep awake and concentrating.
But we also need to stop for coffee.

Sale offers us a good cafe. We stop more frequently than usual, to raid our store of food from the boot, as we had been shopping in Melbourne before we left.

Lakes Entrance is cold and windy. The Holiday unit is only £62 and provide us with two bedrooms and a kitchen. Luckily it also has a room heater and an electric blanket. We use both!
Before settling we go for a walk by the water. We need the exercise. The wind cuts into us but we stay wondering about for a while. The room seems even more cosy when we get back in contrast!

We don’t even take photos today, but I offer this photo from our 5000 that we have taken in the last 6 months.

Travel seems to have narrowed to getting there! At the moment, I feel the destination is Sydney, but I know really it is London, UK. Home!



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