Easter: return to base – Sunday 8th April 2012

Happy Easter!
I write my blog in retrospect. Always writing up the day in longhand; then transcribing it into the blog when I have good wifi and time. So Easter is over and I apologies for my delay in greetings.
Easter has been both a surprise and a worry. Here I am watching Australian villages prepare for Harvest and then, bang, someone tells me it is also Easter and haven’t we booked accommodation yet? Still, it has all worked out well and today we are back in Melbourne with my good friend and his family. It is such a pleasure to be here with them.

Before we get to his house we stop off at Hanging Rock. Do you know the film, “Picnic at Hanging Rock”? It is the story based on a book by the same name of a group of school girls on a picnic, five go for a walk away from their teacher, who brought them but only four return. Atmospheric I believe! You could understand the setting immediately. Being Easter, lots of families we here with picnics. The rocks are remnants of a volcano, forming a hollow cone. They are a great place for climbing if you are a child, and frequently you could hear parents calling, “just follow my voice,” and “Where are you?”. Best of all I hears two fathers talking about their teenagers, “well, they will have their phones on them” said one. “Yes, but there is no reception here!” came the reply.


As soon as we get to my friend’s house, his two year old son seems to remember us and greets us with “Where’s mummy?”. He and dad have only just come in and not had time to ‘find’ her yet! She greets us all and it feels brilliant to be here.

Despite the fact that they urge us to stay, we are only here one night. They offer advice on good places to visit near our stops and feed us well. It is very difficult to move on in some ways. But, we are on a journey that soon will take us home.



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