Outback of beyond – Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th April 2012

Even cleaning our YHA near Adelaide had a certain pleasure. It’s been an unexpected refuge from all our traveling. If I’d stayed here back in October 2011, at the beginning of our trip, I’d have hated it! Cold, stark, scary, I might have said!
But now, it seems perfect!

Back in Adelaide city, we hand back the keys, and linen to the YHA, and set off North. Partly because of the build up of Easter holiday travelers, and partly because we have not seen much of the ‘interior’ of Australia, we’ve chosen to drive down the A20 highway. This will take us through as near outback as we are going to get on this journey.
There are vast farms along the first part, before it gives way to the kind of landscape that puts me in mind of billabongs and jolly swagmen – and snakes, and spiders. It’s arid, yet somehow plants survive this semi desert.

Miles and miles and miles of space….
At Nuriootpa, we stop for coffee and John has an inspiration. We are short on instant coffee but have loads of ground. What if we buy our own plunger from a charity shop. Then we could drink good coffee wherever we go. I know what you are thinking. Why didn’t we do this 5 months back?
This is the first time we have been in a car, able to carry a fragile object without a plane journey etc. when we fly back to UK in a few weeks, we can jettison it.
We’re in luck! The town has one in good condition: price- $2.50 a bargain!
As we head towards the wineries in South Australia, lakes and rivers appear on the landscape, making a welcome relief.

We are headed for Banrock Station. Their wines are widely available in Uk via supermarkets. The tasting station must be far from the production factory, but gives out to the view above. Their ‘good earth’ label must be partly due to the fact they manage this wetland.
I sample almost all their range, before we sit to eat scones and drink coffee in their restaurant admiring the view.

It’s the first time we has stayed in a cabin. This is an ‘executive’ one on a campsite near Lake Bonny. Although the kitchen cupboards have broken handles, the rest of it is spacious and reasonably comfortable. The best bit is the lake itself, on the edge of the campsite. It’s ridiculously hot, now we have lost any ocean breeze. Walking by the lake cools us, and is simply stunning, inspiring photos below.


And as the sun sets, we cannot resist another sunset photo.

The following day we realise we need to do nothing, nada, niet, rien! So the most activity we do is a load of washing. We’ve done nothing but travel for the last three weeks, and we have over 1500 km to go before we start to head home. Sitting still seems a wonderful plan!


3 thoughts on “Outback of beyond – Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th April 2012

    • Thank you so much for your compliment. It was so unexpected having spent the day driving through such arid conditions, then finding such perfect a perfect reflection. The following morning, the wind was up and the water had lost its magic.

  1. Hi Marion
    Thanks for your comment over at our blog. I think we found yours as you must have used ‘campervan’ as a tag (one of our interests).

    Yup TheBigForest is taking up lots of our time but there is a real buzz when folks like our work and even come back with another commission particularly for the kids door hangers.

    We have been really interested in your travels (love the photography) and look forward to more adventures.

    Good luck with the retirement!

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