The Mystery Deal – Sunday 1st April 2012

April? How can that be already? Just 18 days and we take the plane back to London! The blog will be complete and the next phases will start! Just one month from our arrival back home we have two weeks as crew on a yacht in Greece, which should be fun. The main event though should be moving house.
Now, I ask you would you read a blog on moving house?

Today, however, we fly from Perth to Adelaide to take the Wotif Mystery deal! This is a way for hotels in main cities to offload capacity but also allows us, the tourist to get a good deal. When you book, you had only the information on the district of your hotel, and the star rating, and the cost of course! We pay $90 for a night. Proves to be on the souther corner of the main city in Adelaide, which is totally set out on a grid system. The room feels spacious and comfortably appointed. I would not say it was the most upmarket hotel I’ve ever seen but, having been in the YHA or a campervan for the past two and half weeks, it seems like paradise. It is certainly very good value. We enjoy our balcony, and free parking.
We have hired a car to drive to Sydney and take the opportunity to drive round Adelaide by way of getting to know it better. As it is Sunday night there is hardly any traffic on the broad, tree lined avenues. I take an instant liking to the city.


We drive up each of the major streets before stopping for dinner in a Thai restaurant. Most of the restaurants seem to located in the one road and there is a vibrancy and buzz in the place which I live a lot.


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