Last day camping – Thursday 29th March 2012

So, this is it, then! Last day of camping with the van. Very mixed feelings: I’ve enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. It is top of the range! The toilet was a brilliant idea. The shower was really effective. I loved forest living, chance encounters with wildlife, like the 5 kangaroo the other day, the parrots who came for coffee yesterday or the kookaburra who liked mince beef. I’ve loved beach life in a van. The instant ability to rustle up a sandwich. The ability to move from beach to beach, choosing the best attributes to suit your mood, the comfortable changing room! And if you forget something, you can just walk a few hundred meters to get it rather than spending the whole day wishing you had brought a hairband!
It’s offered new experiences which I may never have tried, like body boarding. But the bed is hard, living is cramped and having enough water is a chore.
I ask John if he would ever consider buying a van, and he pauses long enough for me to know just how much he has loved it.

There are several pages of map to cover today but it’s all easy driving. There is a list of instructions on handing the van back. John takes them very seriously and wonders how to replace the gas bottle. I sit back and say “This has cost us a fortune and they can get their own gas bottle!”. Not a nice attitude I know….

By 11.00 we are parked by azure water, waves not suitable for body boarding, sand – golden. We stroll, eat, read and then make it back to base, handover the van. No gas bottle required- we had paid an excess not to need it. So that was lucky for me!

Next we take the train to Perth and settle back into the YHA.

We go back for another Korean BBQ where they bring coals to the table and allow you to cook your own. Only I burn things and cause enough smoke for neighboring tables to cough! Twice the waiter comes over to check we are ok! Yes! We’re fine thank you

I lie in bed, thinking about the parrots who decided to join us for breakfast this morning!

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