Lazing and camping – Thursday 22nd March 2012

Oh, bliss! A lie in!
It’s a very windy spot, yes! But we lay in bed, listening to it howl around us feeling kind of cosy in the van. We stretch out and read our Kindles. All these books at our fingertips and hardly any weight. These are a great invention.

It’s nearly 10.00 before we get up. We even have breakfast in bed, which is actually a cramped affair as floor space is now down to about half a square meter when the bed is made up! You have to dance around the fridge door! The windows in this van are glazed black. It is virtually impossible to see inside the back even when the curtains are open during the day. Different thing at night, of course. However, now this tricks us into thinking the weather is far worse than it really is. Looking out through the darkened glass, we are convinced that it is dreadful, the sound effect of the wind off the water makes it sound bad too. But as soon as we open the door, we realize that actually it is warm and there are the smallest patches of blue sky, even the wind is warm.
One of the things which govern our decisions at present centers around food. We are out of milk, butter and coffee. It is just over a km to the shops in town and a lovely riverside walk.

A discussion, prompted by the fact that John is reading “Freakenomics”, on estate agents absorbs us as we walk. Which words are the most successful in a sale? How do you judge success? What about ‘honesty’? In Australia, real estate agents go in for ‘headlines’ to attract attention. These seem far from core values of the property and, instead, encourage choice on lifestyle options.
Just as we are comfortably into this conversation,a rustle sounds in the undergrowth nearby. We are both suddenly alert. Snakes come to mind. There had been a sign at the head of this path warning of snakes but we see these so frequently…
Even as I push past overhanging bushes, I think of spiders. Nothing happens, but I find it hard to walk relaxed in Australia. This town is called Denmark. Good shops, jewelry, clothes, estate agents!! We nose around them all. I’ve long since given up the idea of buying anything. Baggage, weight restrictions, carrying it round until mid April see to this concept. There is a box of treasure waiting for us with my friend in Melbourne, of things we have already not been able to resist as present and souvenirs. Sometimes I think they will have to go home by sea!
Food we can buy, so it provides a pleasure of the sopping experience without the nag of carrying it far! We really needed this mooching day.
It’s all good. The walk to and from town proves to be beautiful, along the river and away form the road. Back at the van we see the pelicans flying over head, standing in the river. They are amazing birds, huge.




3 thoughts on “Lazing and camping – Thursday 22nd March 2012

  1. What a nice way to spend your retirement years camping around! My husband and I are big camping freaks. We love the freedom that we get from not having to be in the confines of the hotel room. Last year, we went camping in the South of France and our little girl really had a great time. 😉

    • When my children were young, we toured round Europe camping all the way for many years. But we always used ready erected tents with fridges and sprung beds- so not really camping in one sense. However, the children loved it and made so many new friends on each campsite.

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