Agony and Ecstasy – Wednesday 21st March 2012

Funny! We slept well, loved the campsite, loved yesterday, but this morning as we move on, we are both in a mood! Nothing grand! Just … What is it?
We drive through forests, the sun is not shining.
Well, that’s one thing. We are never as happy when the weather is poor.
We stop at Walpole: there is nothing much here. A toilet (useful), an info site but we can’t be bothered to go in.
That’s the second thing. We are underwhelmed by tourist sites. Should we have taken a four wheel drive? That way we would be able to access more beaches, more roads. At the moment we are bound by the highway.

Was this actually an expensive experiment? The campervan? Everyone told me I was not suited to it! Should we have driven North from Perth?

Neither! I think we are experiencing two phenomena.

We have been traveling for 5 and half months, and will go back to UK by 18th April. A fear and a longing to go home. A jaded greeting to another new experience. I keep hearing about this pressure which occurs about this point in a long voyage.

Secondly, this van somehow induces us to keep moving. We spend all our time on the road and in the van. Sometimes when we stayed in motels, even hostels, we spent days exploring an area. Maybe we should have stayed in Shannon, where we had so much pleasure.

Re-think! Let’s do the tourist thing. There is a very famous tree walk round here; Walpole-Nornalup National Park. We go round the tree walk twice and delight in the swaying motion. Once we say, “how many tree walks have we done in our life?” but the Tingle trees are old and we respect them.



We are still feeling the agony of indecision and missing the ecstasy of Shannon forest. Next campsite: let’s try a beach.
First one: full.
Second one: horrid commercial thing.
Third one: commercial but it s getting late and e can have a pitch right on the waterfront and watch hundred of black swan, ducks and pelicans. It’s got wifi, electricity, water. Ok let’s stay two nights.
And we cosy down, email friends, Facebook and begin to feel happier.


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