The camping experience – Friday 16th March 2012

Yes! I quite like waking up to the gentle light dappled by trees. The ability to reach orange juice straight from the fridge, whilst still being in bed is a good one too. Despite our last minute rush to choose a site to sleep, it has turned out well. We use the shower block, breakfast al fresco and wander over to look at the estuary before we pack things down so they won’t slip about. The only disadvantage is the water source is bore water so we don’t fill up our tanks.

It’s a little daunting not knowing where we are going. Clearly, you cannot just pull up at a beautiful spot and decide to spend the night, no matter what the nice lady from Go Camper said. If the authorities don’t get you the sandy road would.
When we turn a corner, the fridge door swings open, spilling 6 bottles of beer over the floor. One opens with a mighty fizz and beer effervesces around the van. It smells strong! I resist the temptation to begin singing: “Six bottle of beer on the floor, six bottles of beer, you smash one down to fizz on the ground and there’s 5 bottles of beer.”
There is a little catch supposed to hold the fridge door shut; it doesn’t! After it has played this trick twice, we tie the door closed with string.

The main roads are very good, far better than we dared hope. We decide to go to Bunbury- why not! En route we visit Australade. We brew coffee, bring out the iconic table and chairs and admire the estuary, the cockatiels and the seagulls.

Me? Sitting next to the van in a car park? I never thought I’d do this!

Bunbury is quite large. Again we park up by the sea and again we walk over to the sand for a while. When we return, another campervan has joined us. We wait for the owner to return. W need insider information.

They have been touring for months. This is their 4th trip. They are on the road for a year, enjoying their retirement! They produce a book, price $60, which has free or cheap camping sites throughout Australia. It would pay for itself after two free nights.

More and more I realize that retirement is full of people like this. Adventurers, who take their time. A whole travel industry rests on our pensions! Campsites are full of off season travelers, who are over 60 years old. They seem to fall into two camps (no pun intended). Those who are young at heart, and those who have more limited aspirations and cosier ideals. I hope I fall into the first category!

We march into town and buy a copy of “Camping 6”! It transforms our trip. We head for the nearest free site. It’s a picnic site, just off the highway. If I was unkind, I might call it a lay by! It’s in a forest and has no facilities at all, but it is free!
Of course we are not the only people here. Others have bought the book! About 6 sets of vans including a massive coach, done out for permanent living, build up through the night!
But I get a sense of natural camping, munching raisin bread with my coffee, sitting with my back to the crowd.
We’re near a road. Sometimes cars go rushing by, but as darkness falls, it is silent. We have everything we need.


2 thoughts on “The camping experience – Friday 16th March 2012

  1. Ok U two I am sooooo impressed never thought this would be your cup of tea eh….could to see U come to love it…have read other blogs where u are enjoying the stars….hope u are well U twoooo big hugs lianne xxxx

    • Hey, Lianne! Wo would have thought it, eh? But seriously, I loved it! The best bit was parking your home by a beach, or staying in the middle of a forest when there were very few people nearby.

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