Travel plans – Wednesday 14th March 2012

All the time we’ve been in Melbourne we have struggled to establish a mobile wi-fi connection with the best range within Western Australia. More by luck than judgement we have ended up with both Vodafone and Telstra. We spent ages trying to hire a campervan for two weeks. I’m not sure if I’ll take to confined living, so 2 weeks is plenty.
My wonderful Melbourne friend has agreed to hold some of our stuff, to reduce weight, until we get back to Melbourne on the way to Sydney and then home to UK.

Every thing is washed and packed.

What will Perth hold? And which way shall we travel when we get there? And…what will it be like in a campervan?

We begin with a night in the YHA in Perth and treat ourselves to a meal out. The Korean restaurant was full, and no wonder. The BBQ set in a table with meat to cook yourself was fantastic. It came with 7 little saucers of potato, chutney, vegetables, soy sauce. For $24 it was a bargain. There are not many bargains to be had in Perth.
In our one night it appears a bold, busy city with everything you could think of. It must have grown considerably in the last 5 years because everything seemed so new.

Looking forward to tomorrow and getting the van!


2 thoughts on “Travel plans – Wednesday 14th March 2012

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