Two year old play – Monday 12th March 2012

There is a special magic about getting to know someone better. Yesterday, my Melbourne friend and I had a chance to catch up on years since we last met, establishing a new level of friendship, beyond that of the workplace. Today, I am priviledged to get to know his wife and two year old son better.
We spend the day in Williamstown, which has a lovely feel to it. Good cafes, great children’s play parks, restaurants, marina, green space, botanic gardens.
I delight in watching his son: partly because he is not much older than my own grandson and partly because two year olds are fascinating and this one is a lovely boy, with lovely parents may I say!
Gradually this little one accepts me and sneeks peeks in in my direction. Most often though he is fully involved with his own play.

During our walk in the botanic gardens, I have watched him feed the fish in the pond stones, scooped up from the path. It’s an honest imaginary game. But as we leave, I find myself walking beside him and he slips me a handful of gravel.
“feed fish,” he explains. Brilliant! He has let me in and now holds my hand for a short while before, of course running happily back to his parents.
I love little children. They’re cool!



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