Melbourne Zoo – Tuesday 13th March 2012

“We all going to the zoo today,” I sing as I get out of bed this morning.

I am usually ambivalent about zoos. The pros and cons of keeping wild animals: I am easily persuaded it is a bad thing to keep animals if the housing is poor etc, but Melbourne zoo is exceptional. Well laid out, mostly excellent animal enclosures with lots of animal space and naturalistic surroundings. My Melbourne friend’s son clearly knows it well and runs on, fast as his legs will carry him, pointing the way to his favourite animals. Even when he falls and grazes his knee he doesn’t seem it off but develops a rather comic hobble.


In the butterfly house he has extreme patience, holding out his hand until a butterfly lands on him. I am amazed by his stillness.

There are lots of people looking at the elephants. I find myself next to him and can see he is finding it hard to see.
“May I pick you up so you can see better?”. I ask. “Yes”


We have a great time at the zoo and I am amazed how much energy he has!
How interesting how different children build trust. Back in Blenheim, my ex colleagues two year old ran up and down the room in a frenzy of testing us out. Finally she thought we were ok and asked for a story on my lap. I get a great kick out of earning this trust. Maybe it reminds me of teaching. You need to gain respect of the class. It does not just come! Even when you are a headteacher!

So in the evening we play at pouring and making boats and luckily daddy does not get upset by the amount of water we both use and spill on his son!

Yea, I had a great day!


2 thoughts on “Melbourne Zoo – Tuesday 13th March 2012

  1. This makes me want to go to the zoo! I love the shot with the butterfly in his hand. Really lovely! 🙂 ..

    • Thank you. It was a brilliant zoo. I hope you get to visit it one day. The expression on the little boy’s hand was brilliant when the butterfly landed. Can’t believe how patient he was!

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