Return to Australia – Friday 9th March 2012

There’s a finality about today as we fly back to Australia. For nearly 5 months we have been traveling, except for our stay in Melbourne.

Today we return to Melbourne and it feels like coming home. It’s familiar and comforting. But it means ‘goodbye’ to New Zealand’ and we have loved NZ. So we call for the car (don’t you just love valet parking?) and drive round Wellington’s hillside for a last view of the harbour and the bay. Then back through Happy Valley to the coast road. We sit and look at the sea: “We’ll come back!” we say.


The in-flight film is “The Iron Lady”. Meryl Streep gives a brilliant performance and Mrs T and of old age. The bit one fears is losing reality in the world, losing control, memory merging with current action.

Once again I am so impressed by the connectivity of Australian transport, Sky bus, trams dovetail to bring us swiftly to our friend in Melbourne.

It is such a lovely feeling to return, to be with friends, to talk about our journey. He had helped us plan so much of the New Zealand leg and has followed our progress, giving email prompts of great things to see.


It’s warm in Melbourne. Warm weather, warm friendship. We feel very privileged to be here.


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