Seals and Snuggles and a meal with a friend – Tuesday 6th March 2012

Snuggles, a Burmese cat has a wonderful meow. It grates in a special way that cannot be ignored, well, not if you like cats it can’t.

He has been popping in each evening and is very particular about what he wants to do. He will sit on your lap, but if you move one iota, he jumps off and prefers the sofa. When it comes to bedtime, he chooses to join you rather than face the outside.

Amazingly, John allows him in for a while, but of course he has to leave when we want to sleep.

Today we have to say goodbye to him, because we are off to Blenheim.

On the way we see yet more seals. We are becoming blas√©, initially we say, ” oh yes! Fur seals!”. Then “some are very large- sea lions?” and finally we are captivated again.

For some fur seals are using a large elevated rock pool as a play pool, some sea lions have found unusually comfy beds and many sea lions and fur seals are socializing. There must be about 60 of them all along the shore.


Nearby, in December the mother fur seals take their pups to play under a waterfall. Apparently hundreds of pups frolic here when they are really young. The waterfall is lovely without the pups, but I wish it were a different time of year, so I could see them.


Blenheim is quite a large town and full of wineries. We are stays at the Marlborough Vintners Hotel adjacent to one of the densest winery regions I’ve ever seen.
It’s a lovely large living space, massive bathroom and bedroom and three patio doors! Very well furnished and comfortable and one of the most expensive places we have indulged in.

Once settled, we go into town to meet one of the lovely teachers we had at my school. Her growing family offer us a wonderful meal and it is simply a pleasure to see how well things are working for her and her new 2 year old daughter, whom I have never met before. This little one takes no time in being shy and I find her delightful.

We have been really lucky meeting up with people in New Zealand!



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