Bikes around the vineyards – Wednesday 7th March 2012

The sky was quite beautiful at dawn and promised a fine day. It was so good to go to breakfast that someone else had prepared and help yourself to muesli, salmon, croissants, fresh fruit and good coffee-mmmmm!

The hotel hires out bikes at half the price of a tour company and gives us a map of the local vineyards and wineries.
It’s a glorious day and promotes a great feeling of Bon homie!
We set off just before 11.00 and it is only a few meters to the first stop. They come thick and fast, one after the other with only a short bike ride in between. It’s fantastic. To begin with we take it very seriously. It takes us about half an hour per visit, considering each grape variety, discussions the fermentation and aging, but, I’ll be honest, we became less concerned after lunch and happily accepted the free tasting moving swiftly on to the next.

We visited:
George Michel, Huia, Wairau River, where we had lunch with a glass of wine, Forrest, Gibson Bridge, Cloudy bay and Allan Scott.





It’s ideal for cycling because it is so flat and has good cycle lanes. At times, I got so friendly with the hosts, I forgot I was supposed to be tasting. The cycling kept you alert with exercise and fresh air.
The region, of course, is famous for its Sauvignon Blanc, but each winery offers other grape varieties too, and we did learn about the soil and climate.
It’s a totally relaxed way to spend the day.
The wineries may have been a little too close together because by the end of the day we pulled up, just outside our hotel and I gracefully slid off the bike onto the grass verge.
John made us coffee back in the room, but before it was ready he disappeared and was found in bed for the next two hours.

What a hoot!
Loving it!



4 thoughts on “Bikes around the vineyards – Wednesday 7th March 2012

  1. What a fantastic biking trip! I am by no means a wine expert but so far I haven’t met a wine that I truly despised =)

    I am glad your trip was lovely and I will be dreaming about vineyards tonight!

    • After the first hour, I thought I might become a wine expert. By the end of the whole day, I had forgotten everything, except that wine is good and biking is fun! Sweet dreams!

    • Much better than the organized tour kind of wine tasting! It’s the best region to do this, I reckon, because you don’t have to travel far to visit lots of wineries! There much closer together than France!

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