A walk after the whales – Monday 5th March 2012

The whales and dolphins this morning were breathtaking. In a way I feel full of adrenalin and need some exercise. We loved out three hour walk yesterday so choose to go as high as we can to get a good view of the area. We drive some way out of Kaikoura until the road peters out and becomes gravel. Over a ford we splash, having inspected its depth first!

We begin the steepest track, bravely, on foot. It sweeps up the lower hills at quite a pace. The weather has become much warmer now and I strip several layers of jumpers off as we go. Very soon there is a fantastic view below us, of the river valley. Exhausted, hot and happy we attempt the one handed photo of the two of us, trying to include the view.

We are not actually happy with any of the results but…

We choose to return to the van restaurant by the beach for dinner. John has salmon and I have half a crayfish. It makes me realize just how huge Herbert had been when we ate him in Doubtful Sound. But this one is very tasty too!

It’s been a wonderful day! The return of the sun, the wonderful Sperm Whales, the hundreds of dolphin and an excellent walk followed by the fish supper.
It’s good to be alive!



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