The butter swan – Friday 2nd March 2012

It’s the first time we have thought so far ahead in months! We have four more stops in New Zealand a ferry, a flight, some time in Melbourne and what…?Adelaide? Perth? All except the latter are in place.

We are rapidly reaching the end of our tour of New Zealand. We are both overwhelmed by the beauty of the scenery and the warmth of the people. But we are also tired of the dull, cool, damp, and often windy weather. Everyone we meet in NZ tells us it has been the worst summer for years. We know!

Our journey from Christchurch to Hanmer Springs took less than two hours, but we stretched it out with coffee in an “historic hotel” in Hurunui. This seemed to have grown to include camp ground, holiday cottage, and cafe but was very rustic and isolated with few neighbours. We should have taken coffee in the hotel itself, but we chose the cafe. Cafe? Open barn! Far too cold for my liking, but… There on the table as you enter is…

Sculpted in cooking margarine in December! A mixture of amazement and revulsion crossed my mind.

We drove past Hanmer Springs towards the Lewis Pass. Partly to kill some time, partly for the view. Awesome as ever!

Our new home in Hanmer Springs is gorgeous, a real treat to have a mezzanine floor and so go up to bed!

I’ve booked a hot stone massage at the famous Hanmer Springs spa and luxuriate in warmth and oil for over an hour. My chest is still itchy and occasionally flares up with a red rash. I not sure if the oil is good for it.

We don’t often watch tv, but tonight there is a news flash of floods in NSW which will hit NZ as a “weather bomb”! I become irritated by the focus on how Auklanders will fare because the isobars seems to be hitting much further south. (JAFFA!).
I note our area is due for 60-100mm of rain! Joy!


6 thoughts on “The butter swan – Friday 2nd March 2012

  1. A B&B I stayed in in Kaikoura recently contacted me and said the same thing – the weather has been terrible – and tourists generally down. But NZ is such a beautiful country… Love the butter swan. Guess they weren’t encouraging guests to butter their toast with it?

    • Don’t let the weather it you off. It just means the waterfalls are more spectacular! It seems that around every corner as we drive, there is something else beautiful.
      I don’t think anyone dared touch the swan: that’s why it has been there since December!
      Thanks for your comment.

    • Well! The TV seemed to think Aukland was the only area affected! Just because you have the most people! You are exceptionally friendly – that’s why the F is for; isn’t it??

  2. The butter swan is amazing!
    I’m starting to rethink visiting New Zealand in Feb-March, based on your weather reports. Maybe we’ll see what 2013 is like and plan the visit for 2014??

    • This year has been exceptional. Don’t let the weather out you off! It is simply stunning. Even when it rains the waterfalls suddenly spring to life and the rivers take a new energy for a day, and then it is gone again! No, come in Feb/March! I’m only moaning because we have been traveling for so long, and I need to moan occasionally. Since October, I can count on the fingers of one hand the times when we’ve regretted it- and then I still have 5 digits left, because I have never regretted it! Just bring a jumper and a raincoat, in case! That was my mistake. I had to buy a raincoat here!

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