Banks Peninsular – Thursday 1st March 2012

The Banks Peninsular has a strong French influence. To me, it feels like a mock Fiordland, in miniature. The hills fold down in fingers and troughs from the centre towards the coast. At times, the land reminds me of stiff material folds. Pausing at a lake we find Pukeko and black swans battling the waves.

SH 75 from Christchurch to Akaroa merely hints at the beauty that is to come. Akaroa itself has some nice shops and good restaurants. We each fish at Ma Maison overlooking the sea. The food is good and the experience of eating lovely food in good surroundings is one I savour.

Wandering around the shops we find a toy Pukeko, who reminds me of the story book we bought our grandson, so I buy the toy to go with it. Then we find a green t-shirt with “Sweet as BRO”: John and I laugh because when we first heard someone say that, John thought it was “Sweet airs…” and attributed it to Shakespeare.

We drive on down “tourist drive 1” and then take “tourist drive 3”.

Simply the most stunning scenery ever. It reminded me of a Lakeland artist, which John’s mum loved, Heaton-Cooper. Despite the grey weather, the sea regained its fantastic blue with the slightest of sun and the clouds added a purple over this.

The road rose and fell over each finger of land. We explored bays and stopped at will because there were so few cars about. Most often when we stopped we climbed out the car to drink in the view. But at times we felt we might get blown away, by the strength of the wind. Once John struggled to close his car door as the wind was behind it. Another time the car was rocked so violently, we decided not to venture out!


You can well understand what this artist might paint! We loved this sculpture found in Akaroa.


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