Slightly Disappointing Dunedin – Saturday 25th February 2012

Friday night had been a noisy night in Dunedin and we took time to energise ourselves to get our washing done. Lots of stuff needed to be done because it was slightly damp from our overnight cruise and kayaking on Doubtful Sound. What with the rain and the fishing and the pulling upon the heavy, but empty crayfish pot…
So that was the morning done!
We spent the rest of the day walking around the city. We liked St Paul’s but found it hard to find anything else we could spend time on.


We thought that a tour of the Cadbury factory might cure me of ever wanting to eat chocolate again. I’m afraid to say it is a great weakness and if I get a taste of it I become addicted very quickly, needing to finish any that is near me.
But, sadly it is Saturday and the workers do like a weekend, so the factory offers cut down tours of their chocolate waterfall, with tasting session. But no! I want to see a factory in action, not a Willy Wonka lookalike.

The steepest street in the world is in Dunedin, and that did appeal. Baldwin Street, in the Guinness Book of Records look a humble suburban street until you look up it! It’s really funny to walk up and down it, your body moves differently confronted with such an incline.


With a taste of a good view in mind, drive up Flagstaff Hill. The three main parallel streets, two of which are the one way element are very clear. So is the size of the city and environs.

But it started to rain – again – and we went back to the motel.

All was quiet, unnaturally quiet, until midnight, when we were in bed…
Then the students began…
They had all been to a concert, stopped off on the other side of our motel for MacDonalds and then headed into the Octogon for the bars. Then they came home to their lodgings on the other side of our motel.

One guy had collapsed and was dragged up our stairs ( outside our apartment) by friends. “it’s not like my legs are broken, is it?” he giggled. Apparently he was put to bed in an empty motel room because they leave the doors open for airing!

Somehow I had a disturbed night. Strangely, it was accompanied by stomach pains! Weird!


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