Queenstown -Sunday 19th February 2012

There is no forecasting the weather here! Today was supposed to be as rainy as yesterday but by afternoon it is beautifully sunny with blue sky.
One of the advantages of taking this lovely flat (you can tell I’m enjoying staying here can’t you?) is that is allows us to do the laundry and sort stuff in wonderful comfort.
We wash as much as possible, cut John’s hair, do some ironing, and have an early lunch. Funny how, when traveling it becomes a pleasure to do household chores.
We have not been able to access wifi for a few days and it occurs to me that, we must have run out of data! The system is for Vodafone to sends a text but of course, the mobile hot spot receives but cannot display text messages!
So our shopping trip organizes more data and tries to get out money from a cash point. “insufficient funds!” it said. Nonsense we replied, but it was not listening. We tried about 6 machines all to a similar effect. So, then we had to phone the bank to say we still had our card – no it had not been stolen, yes that was us using the card in lots of machines…
Eventually we got $300 out and a record which thinks we also got a further 600 because the machine had run out of funds!!!
However, during the shopping trip we stopped in a gallery and saw a lovely watercolor print of a farm, which reminded us of the wonderful folk who puts up for a couple of nights in Waitomo. We just had to buy it for them.
Then we say by the lake and enjoyed an ice cold wheat beer, peaceful, relaxed with amazing scenery.



John tried to measure the supposed rise and fall of the lake brought on by microclimate but failed to prove anything conclusive!

And we watched sparrows enjoying crumbs from a table. What a peaceful day!


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