Rain and reflection – 14th February 2012

So, I’ve just completed my first book of travel notes. How exciting to be beginning book two! That lovely leather bound book, presented to me by fellow colleague headteachers, is full.
Full to overflowing with the daily doings of a retired pair who live in London but currently travel, at will, round New Zealand.

And what a brilliant time we are having! Our last working day was July 21st, but we actually retired on 1st September 2011, due to the anomaly of school holidays. I totally advise for couples to retire on the same day, if at all possible.

We are becoming more adventurous, less care worn, more relaxed. I have added some reflections to my page of introduction “how travel enlightened my views on retirement!”. I would love to hear your views on this. You may be younger than us and therefore not able to retire so young!

We are more able to take the rough with the smooth.

The rough today:
Rain, rain, rain! You cannot see the mountains. You cannot see the end of our garden! It’s cold enough to put on the heating – oh, and did I mention the rain?
John has a cough – and it is raining!

The smooth today:
We chose to book our walk on the glacier tomorrow. We have enough food, so we do not need to go out!

So, it’s raining! So what?
We have memories of wonderful times!



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