Driftwood art and glacier country – Monday 13th February 2012

We need to do a little shopping today. I’ve now run out of memory space and need new cards. I’ve filled 4gb so far, whilst John’s camara used far bigger 8 gb at a time cards!
We visit the Warehouse and buy two new cards, but inevitably we find something else that we’ve been looking for…a small wetsuit for our grandson. He is only 17 months old and we wilL not see him for another 2 months so it feels impossible to guess what size, except there is only one size for people as small as him,so we buy it!
We also go to the supermarket to stock up on food.
At Honitika, where we stop for coffee a large clock tower greets us in the middle of the road. It’s clearly a jade place with factory shops at several corners, but the impressive area is the beach.

A vast quantity of driftwood piles up on the sand, and this has been used for one of the best social art projects I’ve ever seen in a community. Take a look!




Brilliant eh?

As we approach Franz Joseph we stop at a beautiful ice blue river, made even more stunning by the contrasting orange crocosmia flowers, I realize I got them out of focus but I was leaning was below road height to get this!

The motel at Fox Glacier is surrounded by small heliports but the room is clean and reasonably modern, I just wish they would stop using these 1980s bedspreads which we first saw back in the Blue Mountains YHA. Oh yes we also bought them in 1980 but it was trendy then!
We cannot resist a quick walk to see the glacier. The glacial valley is ridiculously steep and massive. It made the people like ants by comparison. I had imagined the glacier itself would slope gradually down to the river but it is a think vertical wall with huge boulders of ice crashed from it as it melts. Impressive!



There ARE people to the right of the valley floor in the second from last photo. They must look like tiny stones! It’s that big!!

4 thoughts on “Driftwood art and glacier country – Monday 13th February 2012

    • Isn’t it just? Some of it reminded me of Dali. I admit one ‘animal’ had some concrete added to form the head but…wow! There were about 20 of these sculptures and together they made an awesome gallery.

  1. I assumed you we loading your photos onto your iPad and blogging from there, but your note about needing more memory cards makes me think that is not the case. So how ARE you getting your photos into your blog? Inquiring minds want to know. I am an eager student!
    By the way,I love the driftwood. Have never seen anything like it.

    • We do upload all our photos onto the iPad so we can blog but we also keep all the photos on the memory card so we can bring them home. I have not yet set up ICloud effectively so there is limited photo seaming home. This is something I must look into and would save on memory cards I think.

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