Split Apple Rock – Saturday 11th February 2012

We booked today as covert after the kayaking and walking yesterday.
We slept soundly and were well aware of our muscles, but by morning we feel fine really.
My only ache is a weird one! I have always had very mobile hips, comfortably sitting crossed legged for example, sleeping in unusual positions, legs akimbo, best describes it!
Anyway, today I feel as if my loose joints, have allowed my legs to flail a bit while walking instead of placing themselves in an orderly fashion: the result? My groin aches today! Ok I’ve told you enough!

We pootle down to the town and buy a highly calorific pancake for me and potato wedge for John, both seem covered in cream, maple syrup and bacon but taste brilliant!

We drive to Kaiteriteri, a bustling seaside resort where a river flows energetically into the sea. People join the current and are swept along to crash into the waves of the sea. Looks like fun!

There is a track down to Split Apple rock, a destination advertised by a few kayaking companies. The track is not long and full of native flora. The beech is really good, and this enormous boulder sits in the bay, split!



Baby mussels are growing on the rocks, shining like black diamonds!


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