Long distance birthdays and rock formations – 12th February 2012

35 years ago today I became a ‘mum’! It’s the first time I’ve ever been “unavailable” to celebrate in person. There have been times when I knew I was not needed on the day because friends were sharing the fun, but there has always been a family celebration.
I’ve never been fond of the word, or the label, ‘mum’, but I have loved the role of motherhood. For nearly 10 years, I looked after the girls almost full time, well for 7 of those it WAS full time. Gradually the role of teacher, and then headteacher, took a large chunk of my identity. My social role defined for me as leader, strategist, problem solver! But I always had a strong sense of family. This family was mostly the four of us, with some very important extensions who usually lived a way off. The girls we always in my picture, even if in the background. Well they still are a major part of my life and I love them dearly.
So today, I spend a good deal of time using Skype and text and phone to say ‘happy birthday’ and technology seems to get the better of me! Either there is no signal, or the answer phone cuts in!

Still we have to get to Greymouth. Our journey takes in Foulwind Lighthouse and the nearby seal colony. It seems the seals have two pups each and they are so cute!

Further along at Pancake rocks we look at the extraordinary limestone formations, which have eroded to form a blowhole.


John and I would love to see a blowhole which worked, and although we can see where this one might be, the surge pool is the most impressive feature here. It rumbles impressively.
The Beach View motel is incredibly quiet and has a good kitchen and state of decoration, so we are happy to sleep here for the night.


2 thoughts on “Long distance birthdays and rock formations – 12th February 2012

  1. Love your new dress marion…hope u guys are welll..see u Up to the Franz Josef – dont forget Alex’s Knob you two ! Great views xxxx Miss you toooooo……

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