How to boil a human – 6-7th February 2012

It’s sad saying ‘goodbye’ to our hosts. In just two nights they feel like friends. They took us up on the ATVs to see the 360 panorama from the top of their farm and, my goodness it was beautiful! I was sad that we could not take them with us on our trip to the Glowworm caves, yesterday, and even sadder that all the local restaurants were closed last night, so we could not take them out to say ‘thank you’. We hug and we drive off, with plans to send them something special.

It’s a long drive to Greytown. We have booked a farm-stay. It is set way back from the town and we have a small, slightly dingy room with a bedroom. The bathroom can only be the size of many understair cupboards. But it offers us time to email and blog.

I reflect that I have a small but growing number of followers to the blog. Every time I post something I am incredibly humbled to see somebody actually likes it enough to press ‘like’! Thank you all so much! I get incredibly excited every time a comment comes through!

We have had a run of incredible good luck, seen so many brilliant things, so it is only fair that today we hit some difficulties.

First, John’s glasses have been distressed for a few weeks and finally give up the ghost by letting the plastic cushion, which sits on his nose usually, drop out. We travel some 40 km during the day to find an optician. We find three: none of whom can help with Lindberg glasses, so we buy some glue and try our luck with this repair.

Second, while we are traipsing round the opticians, my beautiful gold flip flop / jandal/ thong breaks. I loved those shoes and wore them everywhere!

Thirdly, we do some washing but the day is so dismal that it refuses to dry, and the host isn’t keen on our using her tumble drier. So, I hit on the idea of ironing it dry. The iron isn’t a steam iron and instantly burns through John’s shirt. In exactly the same way that I would expect to see in a cartoon. The impression of the iron on the shirt: the impression of the shirt on the sole of the iron! It is like a plastic pattern, burned into the metal. It takes us an hour of love and care to scrape it off and polish the iron so it will work on the rest of the clothes.

Ok! That’s 3 bad things and things come in threes so we should be ok now!


After dinner, we think we will relax in the hot tub. We tried it yesterday, and boy, was it hot!

It’s much cooler today, indeed it has been raining on and off all day, so the water feels hot but more comforting. Nevertheless, when I get out some 15 minutes later, I feel awful. I feel faint! My head hurts, I feel sick. I sit for a while in the garden, pretending to be watching birds, well I do see a kingfisher!
We watch one of the series of The Frozen Planet, very appropriate! And I go to bed.

At 1 o’clock I wake with a violent thirst and a headache. I drink two pints of water and take some paracetamol. As I try to sleep again, I toss and turn. Then I am suddenly violently sick in the toilet.

All the symptoms of heat stroke, I think! One of us had no problem though!



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