Abalone shells – Thursday 9th February 2012

It’s a glorious day again. New Zealand sky has a wonderful habit of being incredibly blue when the sun does shine. We set about how to spend our time and research kayaking.

In the town is the only optician on the island who deals with Lindberg glasses, so John gets his spectacles mended – for free. Thank you to Claudia K opticians. We love you!

On a little stall by the roadside, a stall sells clothes and I have fun trying some dresses on in a makeshift changing room. We buy a new summer dress for $55.

It’s a big treat to buy clothes for us when traveling, I feel very happy, even though I know the weather may not hold out long enough for me to wear it much in NZ.
The local I-site is hidden in a car park but is manned with useful people who can unpick the subtleties of the many, many kayaking packages available in the Abel Tasman National Park.

Lunch is a scummy panini and a huge slice of caramel chocolate cake with cream, which we share.

Then we walk and walk. Right round the town, down to the beach and along the sea front. We find a midden. A pile of beautiful abalone shells. Each is filled with the black body of the resident shellfish. John bravely scoops three out using a combination of stick and stone and I try to wash them in the sea, but actually just piddle about trying not to get my sandals too wet!
They are simply beautiful. No wonder people make jewelry from their exquisite inner shell.

Further down the beach we find a wreck: a rusting skeleton of a ship which must have come too close to the shore. We could not find information on this ship but there were many boards about local shipping.


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