Aukland – Saturday 28th January 2012

It would be the easiest thing in the world to stay at Lianne’s. But we have agreed to stay at another Aukland house, belonging to my friend from Melbourne’s dad.
The original idea was to pick up some basic camping equipment and stay the night. Turns out, Ross has gone fishing up in Doubtless Bay but he has left the key and all our camping equipment ready, and offers us his empty house.
I’m anxious not to intrude too much on Lianne. I remember only too well, what it is like to start a new academic year. It takes it out of you. Having house guests,however lovely, can be very distracting!
So we move down the road, to the harbour. Walking round is very interesting. It’s a holiday weekend and the place is rather empty. There’s loads of shops and cafes as we walk down to the harbour to get a view of the bridge.


We spend the day, walking, writing, blogging, and generally enjoying Aukland life.


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