Russell and the four poster bed – Sunday 22nd January 2012

The four poster bed in Triton Suite Motel is a simple affair. A modern, stylish, simple four poster with some white muslin draped over a basic wooden frame. However, it’s huge and comfortable and neither of us wish to get out of it this morning. So we don’t! We read, email, snooze and relax. This is the life!
Finally we microwave some sweet corn, the way Lianne showed us ,with the leaves on, for lunch and then, we get going!
Just around the corner, up the hill, which is reasonably steep, the road leads to Flagstaff hill. As we march along, crickets, or cicadas, or something, chirrup loudly. But, we notice an additional low 4-6 beat, like a repetitive drum.
The hill summit opens on two sides of a car park. On one side a massive sundial, which John checks for accuracy and splendid views.


On the other side is a flagstaff over which the English and the Maori scuffled a few times, so it had to be replaced quite often!
Following our noses, we walk down as far as we can through rich, green tunnels of shady trees. The cricket and drumming is incessant and we discover the culprit- a massive green creature, a cross between a dragon fly and a grasshopper.

Whilst using its tail for a high singing, it drums the hard edge of its wings on the tree branch to give the additional drumbeat. I’d love to know what this is, if you know, please tell me!

Down on the little pebbly beach, we wander over rocks and rock pools. We find a small trilobite or three, clinging fiercely to the rock surface. We scramble over the rocky promontory to a larger beach and explore this before deciding that we would like to return to Russell via the beach, if it were possible.

Despite a very brave effort on John’s part we cannot scramble beyond two small beaches. Even if John had made it, I doubt he would have been able to get me through! I have very poor coordination or balance.

So we double back on ourselves, and go back up cricket alley, through the beautiful trees and find an alternative way, down another path to a beach, slightly nearer town.
Russell is a lovely, lively place in summer. I think we connect, partly because it has a history. The first pub in New Zealand can be found here, the Duke of Marlborough., which began in 1827 serving whalers and sailors, and probably escaped convicts from Sydney! Apparently, their behaviour was appalling and caused complaint to the King of England.
We have a quiet pint here, looking over the view and love it so much we decide to have fish and chips too, which were excellent!


Then we walk to look at the town. The museum, which honors Captain Cook was closed as were many of the shops by now. But we found a brilliant gallery with some memorable glassware which was vibrant and colourful. They also had an amazing carving of a coat, hanging on a peg and an artists bag, magnificently sculpted from a block of beautiful wood and valued at some $20,000 which I reckon it was worth. Sadly, no photos allowed!

2 thoughts on “Russell and the four poster bed – Sunday 22nd January 2012

  1. Thanks Lianne! I thought it might be. It I reckon that NZ should have its own kind of cicarda species! I could quite clearly see the brown tail in concentric circles, shaking to produce the higher pitched chirrup. It was the wing beat accompaniment that fascinated me!

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