Long beach and Devonport – Wednesday 18th January 2012

I think I am getting addicted to outings! It is such a pleasure to have someone else decide where is best to go and then taking you there.
I had loved taking the dogs out, so today we set off for Long Bay Beach, reasonably early because they close the beach to dogs after 10 o’clock. It’s a broad beach when the tide is out and full of dogs!

They all seem to love the social event as much as the chance to run free. I think Tyler got a little confused after she had run off excitedly greeting every dog she came to. When she joined a group of adults talking with their dogs, we thought at first that she was still being sociable. Although we called, she took no notice; our voices blown from her by the wind. But as we got closer she greeted Lianne with such joy and bounce that it was obvious, even to a non dog person, like me that she had been asking the group if they knew where her mum was, and no one was listening! She stayed a little closer after that.

After admiring the view we went round the local school. I never tire of seeing other people’s schools, especially those in other countries. For a little while, just before I retired, I had been an advisor, helping other heads with their school development. This school had such fabulous grounds and so much space, but in essence I felt it mirrored many features of British schools.
Then we went back for a little lunch before going to see Devonport.

20120122-190556.jpg We found the prettiest coffee which also tasted good!
Devonport has a good range of shops, with some interesting galleries. Sadly, the thing I loved most was a 7 foot sculpture in black granite, selling at $8000 and not really easy to pack in the suitcase. However, there were several good shops for gifts including a fabulous material shop.
The rest of the afternoon we begin to plan our next steps for travel.

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