Beautiful countryside – Tuesday 17th January 2012

It is just so lovely, staying with friends! Not only is there lots to chat over, to catch up on and to remember, but theyknow good places to visit.

We have not seen Lianne since our tour of Egypt in 2003! This is another example of how Facebook brings people together. Once Lianne realized we were on our way on this momentous trip, she was quick to insist we stayed with her for a while. And it is bliss!

One of Lianne’s best characteristics is her organizational ability and we happily let her loose on planning our time around Aukland.

Her husband is a brilliant chauffeur. He has incredible knowledge of the flora and fauna as well as adding to our understanding of the history of the place. The four of us set off for a walk round Wenderholm Park. Originally the grounds of Couldrey House, this is just off the Hibiscus Coast Highway.


Our first path is a gentle, well made one among beautiful ferns and forest. The path takes us down to the estuary before changing into a ‘tramping’ path, basically muddy and uneven!

We climb steadily up hill to the top of the cliff. As always I go slowly but the view is awesome, and well worth the effort. Couldrey House has a typical colonial feel and is a pretty blue.

Next stop, the Puhoi Cheese factory. We taste about 4 or 6 of their range and buy two pieces each. This will become our evening meal. Cheese…mmm!
We eat lunch at Puhoi – very nice- and then come home for a couple of hours.
Yesterday we have been diverted from our walk by rain. Today we are determined this will not happen again, and set off with the dogs for a circuit of some 9 km.
Sure enough it rained, but we carried on. At one point the dogs chose to peek into someone’s house- which was not so popular! But I think we all felt better for the exercise!

We certainly slept well!

There was a quest to take the best bee picture and this is our entry, Lianne!




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