Muriwai Beach, Mount Eden – Monday 16th January 2012

Muriwai Beach is a curious black, which shines like gold dust in the sun. If you dig a little, the gold disappears and it turns to fine black sand.

Up on the top of the stacks and down the cliff ledges 1,200 gannets have made their home. The babies begin life as white fluff and soon molt to juveniles of a striking black and white pattern. Their parents have butter cream yellow heads and greet each other with adoring neck embraces; probably to stimulate regurgitation of fish!




Mount Eden was one on the many, hopefully, extinct volcanoes around Aukland. They form conical hills, dotting over the flat land. At Mount Eden, the view is spectacular and 360 degrees over Aukland. A massive crater sits in the hill!


From there is was a short drive to the War Memorial Museum. Our whistestop tour through volcano and earthquake information, reinforces how fundamental this is for New Zealand. They also had great Maori artifacts.
We had also stopped off at a winery for a quick tasting and bought some excellent Pinot Gris.
Ending the day with a BBQ and watching “The Social Network” seemed to make it a perfect day.


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