Aukland and good friends – Sunday 15th January 2011

Up, pack, drive, drive, have coffee, drive and then drive some more.

It’s all straight forward and we make good time. So much so we stop off in Aukland city to seek the treasure of a mobile connection in New Zealand. In Australia, we bought a device from Vodafone, which was brilliant but a little pricy. As small as a mobile phone, it connects up to 5 devices using 3G. We thought it would work in NZ but no… And worse still it is locked and will not accept the vodaphone NZ SIM card. Naughty Vodafone I say!

We had asked in Wellington and been told there were lots in Aukland, but no luck! The first shop is shut (it’s Sunday) the second looks up on their database and says there are none in the city but one 40 kilometers away, “but you won’t want to drive there!”.
“We have driven 400 kilometers,” we say “another 40 makes no difference!”

As luck would have it, turns out it is not that far from our friend, Leanne’s house.

We met Lianne when traveling in Egpyt nearly 10 years ago. Thanks to Facebook, she has realized we are traveling in New Zealand and offered to show us around. It’s amazing! We feel so lucky! This is the second time friends have helped us out with accommodation.

She has two dogs. When I say I’m not really a dog person, I mean I only ever had one when a child. I really like all animals but have three cats back in England. Hers are wonderful creatures.

They moved recently to a new build and it is really interesting to look round the houses in progress. Her poor husband! He has never met us and yet accepts us with warmth. I feel this will be a very different part of our journey, but a very relaxing one.




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