Wellington – Thursday 12th January 2012

Wellington, the windy city awaits the rain as it approaches over the bay. The wind lashes it into our window pane and we wait for the worst to pass before leaving.

It’s a very easy sized city to explore on foot. Quick to make you feel at home, although I am sure there is lots more we could find out about the city if we had time.

The Beehive, or cabinet office is a tall domed shape

We cannot so easily find the large wooden government building and end up thinking we will do this another time. We wonder around until we find the modern St Paul’s cathedral. Begun in the fifties and only finished in the late 90s, it reminds me slightly of Coventry cathedral. Both have impressive alter pieces, but I find both rather soulless.
Not far away is the old St Paul’s wooden cathedral dating from 1866. The wood lends a warmth, which contrasts well to the outside light breeze. The building stills you, quietens you. We spend time listening to the video guide on its structure and construction.




It’s amazing how badly my limited wardrobe has worn. Already my tops have tiny holes in over the stomach – how did that happen? My dresses have become thin and beaded: one is now badly stained! My handbag (a cheap thing from a few years back) has finally succumbed and the handle has lost its strength. To my great joy, we buy a new, cheap and cheerful, handbag replacement and a new long sleeved Tshirt… And a rainproof coat!! All are in the sales and represent very good value. It is a wonderful feeling, just to try on new clothes – even though I reject so many! Now I am ready for the worst NZ can throw at us…
But I might persuade John that a new dress will be in order soon!

After dinner we pop back into Te Papa. We only have 40 minutes before it closes but what a delicious feeling to be able to grab this time. It is a lovely museum; one I could visit often.



2 thoughts on “Wellington – Thursday 12th January 2012

  1. Do you see the wooden building to the right of your photo of the Beehive? That’s the large wooden building, now the university’s Law School. It is beautiful inside – I worked for the company that designed the renovations – all recycled wood, the gorgeous native timbers. Wouldn’t have minded going to university there.

    And sorry Wellington put on its worst weather for you. This summer has sucked!

    • Ah! You know it was really frustrating walking round , just knowing we were missing it! Thank you for showing us – virtually! We will return at least twice more to Wellington, probably mid February and again early March, before flying back to Melbourne. We will have another try to find it. Thank you.

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