Flight to New Zealand – Tuesday 10th January 2012

We have been traveling now for nearly three months (twelve weeks to be precise) Apart from cleaning my friend’s house recently, we have done no housework, except laundry. We have not visited friends, until two days ago. We have not worked for even longer, 25 weeks if anyone is actually counting!

I guess we should be used to the scenery whizzing by, to the ease of connections, but it still seems a miracle of modern times that it is so easy. To hand the car back at the airport, hop on a plane, walk through customs to the awaiting shuttle, who drives you to the alleyway at the end of which is your hotel in New Zealand – so fluid.

We reflect on travel in our parents’ generation. For ordinary people in England, all holidays were taken at the local Brotish seaside resort. Most travel abroad had been part of the war effort. Travel was exotic, even in the 60s when the hippie trail in a camper van, usually a VW, was seen as reckless – dropped out of society, and taking very high risks.

I remember as an 11year old, wishing I could go to Katmandu. (even if I had no idea where that was really) And now here I am, I CAN go there if I want! Travel, especially is long term travel, is truly exciting.


Our hotel, the Amora, is not really down an alley(!) it was just a quick route. It’s a modern tower block and we are on the 7th floor. The view is wonderful. Firstly you look at the bustling roads,, next the waterside with pedaloes and kayaks practicing in a small inlet, parks and cafes with more industrial aspects of harbour life, cranes and quays. The surrounding hills are covered by houses or offices. The main body of water stretches out blue for miles in a huge bay, so at the far end you can see more houses and the mountain ranges meeting the sky.

The hotel package is called “run away with your husband” offering B and B with evening meal, a bottle of sparking wine and chocolates, delivered to your door each day. We will stay for three days.

Our first hours are spent unpacking and searching for the allusive portable wifi system and new NZ sim card. Turns out the wifi will have to wait until we get to Aukland. So this may be the last blog for a little while. We are currently paying a lot for the hotel wifi.

Still, the bubbles in the wine stimulate a brilliant conversation between John and I about sustaining a relationship. (We have been married for 38 years!) it is provoked by the in-flight movie “Love Never Dies” which I don’t really recommend but…

We talked about the expectations of people from their career and from their relationships, the 7 year itch and the value of intellectual discussions and debate.

There was no debate about going down to dinner: it was a good meal with an additional bottle of wine and we both felt in the lap of luxury.

Sorry that’s a bit smug, isn’t it?


5 thoughts on “Flight to New Zealand – Tuesday 10th January 2012

  1. You visited my blog (thanks for that) and rather belatedly I see you’ve just passed through my town. Glad you liked it! A fellow traveller – I am slightly envious of your long journey, but hope you’re pacing yourself!

    • It has really helped finding a friend to lend us a house for a month in Melbourne, over Christmas. Then we stayed with more friends for a week in Aukland. This has helped us with the pace. We keep going until mid April. So lots to do yet! Thank you so much for your comments, Mali.

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