Port Campbell to Melbourne – 4th January 2011

It’s a long but beautiful drive from Port Cambell to Melbourne following the Great Ocean Road. The stacks and cliffs from yesterday continue for a while but soon give way to a new characteristic of coastal features; low slabs of sedimentary rock, intermingled with sand.

We frequently stop to admire the view, but decide to take the detour to the Otway peninsula, down to Otway Lighthouse. I am so glad we did! This takes you through Cape Otway National Park. The aroma of eucalyptus was incredible. Pine in the heat offers a warm astringent smell, far more refreshing than the dreadful pine disinfectant smell from a bottle! Eucalyptus shares some of these notes but adds those relating to Olbas oil. We simply opened the windows to get our fill!

Suddenly a posse of parked cars alerted us to a koala. So high up, we all had to peer and reassure each other that we might be able to see it! (I share with you now: I could not see it!) just 50 meters later, we stopped again. And then again. Up to 4 koalas in each tree! In all we must have seen 20 koalas – a real photo fest!


At Kennet River we found another koala, who was walking on the ground.

But we also see several different kinds of parrot, prepared to eat from the hand.



At the end of the day we have a duel of photography. Who can take the most spectacular sunset? Judge for your selves!





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