The Voyage to Woolsthorpe – Monday 2nd January 2012

A holiday within a holiday.
A detour.
The Great Ocean Road

It’s very strange to be packing BUT leaving some things back at the house. For nearly three months we had to pack everything! Now we choose!

We actually choose about half our stuff – well, you never know! We’ll be away for two nights!

The drive to Woolsthorpe took us 6 hours, no holds ups, brief pit stops, and straight forward driving down the M1 Princes Highway. The pit stops were brief because the heat has now reached 44 degrees in the shade according to our car thermometer (and that has always seemed to underestimate things) and the wind is hot like a hair dryer in your face. Who would want to walk about in these conditions?

We just miss seeing a grass fire, but do see the result: three fire wagons and an earth digger. It’s serious stuff: fire in this heat. The blaze just races through the undergrowth and everyone is alert.

The road has turned to liquid tar. There is no avoiding it, the car is splattered with tiny dashes of sticky black. This will take forever to clean before taking it back to the hire company. We’re too tight to pay any excess for cleaning! Our pension won’t stretch to it!

Koroit is a pleasant Irish village set in Victoria, Australia. Woolsthorpe is just a small but these communities represent towns. We drive on deeper into the country to find the Quamby Homestead where we are to have bed and breakfast.

William and Ailsa are working really hard to create a haven for families and couples. They have a very modest farm with 70 or so cattle and a few hens. They also have three year old twins, so they must have their hands full. They couldn’t be more welcoming.

We stay in the school house which has a fantastic bathroom. There are several other options for accommodation but it just so happens that we are the only ones staying tonight. Last night they were full to capacity!

It felt like a real holiday staying there and we enjoyed the walk around their farm during the evening when it had cooled down just a little.


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