Melbourne -Sunday 11th December 2011

We hardly noticed the lovely parents of my friend leave the house at 7.30 a.m. although we woke about then. We luxuriate in space and comfort, in taking a leisurely breakfast in bed and no itinerary to work out.

We both need ‘me time’. We’ve been inseparable for nearly 6 weeks 24/7 We have been married for 38 years(!) but, of course always working separately. It’s amazing how well we get on.

Our new interest becomes house work! We have not done any for 6 weeks and love stacking the dishwasher, cutting the grass, doing the laundry.

In the afternoon we go to post 12 Christmas cards. I love these with Australian post card scenes and Father Christmas superimposed in cartoon with Australian animals around him.

We work out how to use Apple TV to watch our 2000 photos so far! I pick a lemon from the neighbour’s tree and make the first gin and tonic we’ve had since the beginning of our travels. It’s bliss!



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