Gearing up to move on – 27 & 29th December 2011

Way back, end of October we were going to fly to Cairns and the Qantas strike hit us. It meant we spent a few days in Newcastle
It was a simple matter to get our money refunded but only when we were in Byron Bay did a fellow traveller tell us that Qantas were also offering a compensation flight! For free!!

I think I just learned to use links and italics on the iPad WordPress app. If this works, you should be able to link straight back to the right place in my blog and read all about it. A technological miracle!

Now I have loved being in this house. But at times I have felt that itch, which travelers get. The one to get moving again. It certainly helped once we got the car…

But planning has taken up lots of our time here. The free Qantas flight has been incredibly good for us as we cashed it in for a flight to New Zealand. We fly on 10th January.

There has been lots of web browsing research, a lovely neighbour who comes from NZ has been over to help us plot an itinerary. The tension is mounting and we’ll soon be off again.



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