Bats and the cathedral in Sydney

Alarm goes off and we struggle out of bed. 15 minutes later John checks his watch. It’s 5.15 a.m. It should be 4.15! I have not allowed the IPhone to update the time since we crossed the daylight saving zone. The Greyhound leaves at 5.50 and the taxi was ordered for quarter of an hour ago.
Phone taxi.
Rush round crazily, pushing things into cases, including wet towels. Yuk!
Jump in re-ordered taxi.
Arrive at bus station on time but without breakfast.

The journey to Sydney follows the usual pattern, including the half hour detour to pick up no-one and half an hour back. It’s mildly interesting to note it takes 2 hours by train to Sydney and 3 hours in a coach due to traffic.

We take a taxi from Central Station, drop off the cases at the hotel and have a cup of coffee to make up for the weird breakfast we had en route.

This is our second stay in Sydney, as those who have stuck with me since October will know. We had not realized there is a lovely Catholic Cathedral. Not bad for a modern replica. It melds English features with beautiful stained glass window with glimpses of modern architecture including a plate glass wall, complete with outdoor, life size crib at this time of year.

The government buildings nearby have history of the convicts and the hardships of 1880s. There is also the old mint to see.
It’s so nice for us to feel at ease in the city, simply because we have been here before.
We are most impressed by the view from our room at the Bayview Boulevard.

John take loads of these while I tap away at my iPad trying to catch up with this blog.
Later we mooch around Darling Harbour and opt for eating at the Kasbah. It’s wonderful food and if you time it between 5.30 and 6 the $25 main course with a glass of wine is incredible value. I eat gloriously plump prawns, set on pilau rice with broad beans, rich in flavor. John has the duck, which comes in enormous quantity with fried sweet potato ribbons, excellent falafel and quince.
Suddenly, we feel Christmassy. David Jones the department store has brilliant marionette windows depicting carols with the music sounding outside to match each scene.





We loved the shepherds washing their socks!
A girls choir sing more carols outside the cathedral as night falls. The bells ring out across the park and we look up. To our surprise fruit bats, or flying foxes fly from the botanic gardens through the spires, creativity a horror movie effect to counterbalance the charm of the singing.



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