Last day in Brisbane and the big push South continues 28/29th November 2011

My friend from Melbourne phoned up today to confirm the details of our stay in his house while he visits London: a whole month, such luxury!
Brisbane is the kind of city that just grows on you more and more.

For the first time I feel a little Christmassy. But in this heat it is still foreign and out of place. Christmas trees a going up everywhere but some are hardly realistic, even though they are fun.

We look at children’s clothing for our grandson but are horrified by the prices. A well known, international brand gives the price tag in many currencies. Whilst it is £15 in UK they have converted it to $AU 35 when we feel a closer match should be $22 at the current exchange rate. Crazy! How do young families live out here?
There seems to be a reasonable low end range of any goods you choose to mention and a large upper, luxury end but nothing in the middle.
So we abandon our first ideas for more fun typical tourist stuff with kangaroos, surfboards and koalas printed on.
The Brisbane Post Office is worth a mention as it has just been renovated and was fantastic. As well as selling sturdy boxes, wrapping, tape etc they were so friendly and helpful. I admit the whole present cost as much to send to UK as it did to buy but I loved the clean layout and well presented goods alongside the lovely lady who served us. Thank upon mystery lady!

Next stop is Byron Bay. we have secured a grown up version of a YHA. It is a bedroom to ourselves and a shared lounge, kitchen, bathroom but no-one under 25 is accepted. The photos are all white. “Schoolies” still take up lots of accommodation and are rainy attracted to Byron Bay. We are hit twice by them as last week it was Queensland schools, this week New South Wales and we have crossed the boundary.



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