Byron Bay Wednesday 30th November 201

What a lovely place is Byron Bay! It has a much larger shopping area than I was expecting and a wonderful eclectic mix of shops. Much is New Age, crystals, incense, rainbow colored or natural clothing. There are several galleries, both photos and art, music shops and a general air of creativity.

In comparison to the North the beach is changed. Whilst still sandy it now has rock jutting through giving a feel of Cornwall.
There are some lovely walks around. We enjoyed going to the lighthouse despite it being a bit of a climb. From there we found the most Easterly point of Australia and saw 3 dolphins swimming far below our cliffs.



Atlantic Guest House proves to be a wonderful place to stay because it’s atmosphere seems to induce a family feel. While we are there we join many discussions about Australian life, the cost of living, deadly encounters with snakes and spiders, none of which prove to be deadly. We eat our own food but share a table and this binds us further together, many nationalities, many ages but all travelers.


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