Fraser Island Thursday 24th November 2011

Fraser Island is entirely made of sand! It’s 76 km long and has a variety of eco-systems. Jo, our tour guide from Fraser Island Day Tours (run by Greg not a huge multi-national), drives a 4WD with a skill and assurance which is dazzling! She takes no prisoners on the road and has strong opinions about the Island, giant corporation sharks, and independent drivers who fail to cope with the arduous conditions. She talks for Australia and I wonder if the young Spanish couple can keep up. There are only 6 of us with a couple from Scotland. During our tour we experienced a torrential storm for over 30 minutes before the sun returned. Jo drove through the sand track, now greased with rain with such confidence, making this a thrilling part of the day.

Jo’s passion begins before we’ve even gotten into her vehicle. She believes in “by the people, for the people and from the people”, dingos, dreamtime, spirituality and respect. She is incredibly knowledgable, having lived on Fraser Island for 3 years and a great campaigner and educator. I grow to like her very much over the day.

The barge ferry has a ship’s cat on board who has never left since being a kitten. His job is to stop swiftlets from nesting. His duties include being stroked by all passengers, tolerating children, and he volunteers to go inboard the small dingy when the hull needs cleaning, just for the ride.

This is one of those times when photos can only tell you how beautiful the place is.

20111224-123114.jpg freshwater streams run soundlessly through the rainforest on clear sandy beds.


There’s abundant birdlife, but Kookaburras are happy to be photographed.


Despite the threatening storm clouds the white silica sand refuses to be dulled the pure freshwater lake remains turquoise.

There is evidence of the treacherous currents, mind you, this ship was also used for bomb practice!

Dingos here are of the purest blood.

There is incredible beauty on this island. It has refreshed me totally and renewed my thirst to learn of new places.


6 thoughts on “Fraser Island Thursday 24th November 2011

    • That’s very kind of you. Fraser Island and the Whitsundays were both outstanding places to take good photos. On Fraser Island, the colours were so intense, even though it was about to pour with rain and the dark clouds were gathering that fresh water lake was iridescent! Perhaps I liked that contrast too. I’m so glad you liked them.

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