South Molle Whitsunday Islands Saturday 19th November 2011

South Molle is not one of the fashionable Whitsunday Islands but the price of a day tour is very good value! It’s the sort of place that has seen better days and seems quite deserted but I thought it wonderful. About 8 of us alighted from the ferry on a long wooden jetty leading to a white coral beach with some fine white sand. The resort itself has tennis courts and a golf course, an Olympic sized swimming pool and a small jetty off the dining room designed for romantic evening meals. However, apart from the girl who greeted us and one other I did not see a member of staff, or another guest.


John and I set off for Spion Kop, rated number one walk by Australia’s National Geographic. I can see why! It constantly changes, from Eucalyptus forest, to rain forest, to wide grass lands which are windy and exposed to the full heat of the day. At times, the amazing quality of blue hits you from both sides as the sea spreads itself before you as a jewel.

At the Kop itself, a stunning view awaits of a dozen islands with clear sight of Cook’s Witsunday passage and navigation.

Perhaps it was ambitious of us to continue our walk to the other end of the island and ‘sandy beach’, which turned out to be made if pure bleached chunks of coral and impossible to look at or walk on in the intense heat, although rather disappointing by the time the camera had altered the affect with its aperture setting!


By the end of our walk we actually had to ration drinking water! When we got back to the resort we were thankful to have enough time for a swim.



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