Radical Bay Magnetic Island Thursday 17th November 2011

Beyond Balding Bay is Radical Bay. The magic of Magnetic Island is the number of beautiful bays around its accessible coastline. Radical is less isolated than Balding as there is a rough road leading from the Forts bus stop which is suitable for cars, but it also shares a steeply stepped footpath from Horseshoe, with Balding Bay. I loved this path for its variety and because it gave me a sense of adventure, through the sheer effort of walking it!

I have very fond memories of this path too, from 13 years ago when I crossed it with my daughter.

Balding bay offers very little shade as it is lined by boulders, but its remote quality is outstanding and makes it my favorite. Radical bay has good shade from coconut trees and from rubber trees. The hinterland also has frangipani trees and sporadic low growing flowers which dot the dry earth in a miracle of nature.

We arrived after 50 minutes of steep path. Sweet was just pouring off me from the heat of the day and it was only just 9 o’clock! I was desperate for a seat! It’s not just my age! There were some, younger than me, who said they had turned back because it was so hot!

The colours of azure blue, deep tropical green and the palest hue of gold sand make a perfect picture.


Despite a few moments of an unexpected sudden heavy shower, we stayed for hours. Enjoying the firm sand at the water’s edge, the shade of the trees, the steady turnover of visitors, never more than 4 at any one time. By one o’clock we knew we were in a cleft stick! Burn despite the factor 30, or walk 50 minutes uphill in the hottest sun we’d had for a while.

We chose the latter, awarding ourselves long cold showers and longer cold drinks when we got back to Bungalow Bay YHA.

I love Magnetic Island. It seems a special place to me. It may be the wildlife we’ve seen, the beautiful beaches, or the fact it brought back some very good memories for me. We leave tomorrow but I’ll look back on this as a very special island.



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