A rest and a great leap South 21st and 22nd November 2011

Brian has been a wonderful host. He recounted the preparations required when they announced the cyclone. Each year, everything to be battened down, external shelves cleared: it takes a week, but that’s all you’ve got before it comes. All along the coast we have heard’ and seen evidence of the chaos and damage a cyclone can cause from the one that hit Australia in February. It took Brian a week to clear up, despite his precautions.

That unusual sound we heard at Magnetic, did indeed come from Flying Foxes, or Fruit Bats. But what an idiot I am! The name tells you they don’t need ultrasound for locating insects. They don’t eat insects! They eat fruit! The constant chatter, a cross between Punch and Judy and Mickey mouse voices,is them arguing about who should eat the best fruit.

We have so loved Coral Point Lodge, at Shute harbour, that we spend a whole day doing nothing but relaxing there and admiring the beautiful views.

But the time has come to make a move South. Suddenly we being to feel a deadline! We want to be in Melbourne by early December to meet with a friend’s parents and be handed over a house for a month! So we sit for 7 hours in a Greyhound which takes us to Rockingham.

Movies in Greyhounds are sporadic and at the whim of the driver. Luckily, our driver picks a good one to pass the time, The Bourne Identity. To our amusement the Greyhound gets sick and needs two new batteries. Sure enough a van with “dog doctor” turns up to oblige.


It was an half hour walk to our motel in Rockingham. Although along main roads, the pavements often gave out and, pulling our cases was hard work. The motel was out of the movies! Crinkled up dirty carpet, lack of any plates but a microwave provided, and a plastic shower curtain that Psycho would be proud of. Still the sheets were clean and we arrived at 7.45 and had to leave by 5 next morning. Making breakfast in mugs was a hoot!

Onwards South, we are actually making some movement along our map of Australia. Hooray!


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